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Transcendent - Laren Ruby - Hardback

Author: Laren Ruby

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In Elleon, your fate is determined by the color of your blood.

In the aftermath of the insurrection that toppled the United States government, every sixteen year old must go through the same rite of passage. A serum is administered to change the color of their blood, determining their place in society. Those with purple blood will join the elite class, moving to the capital city to live in high-tech luxury with the rest of the ruling class. The blue bloods will continue to live their lives as they have- in their small agricultural towns with minimal technology. While they aren’t as well off as the purple bloods, at least their blood isn’t red…

But just because your blood is blue doesn’t mean you’re stuck in your town. There’s always The Hunt. Any blue blood is eligible to enter a lottery and hope to win a place in The Transcendent Hunt.

Kairyn (Kye-ren) is more than surprised when she discovers that her blood is Purple, that of someone at the top of their hierarchy. Whisked away to the capital of Mag City to train for the yearly Hunt, Kairyn uncovers more secrets than she had ever expected. Faced with the truth about who she is and the government they live under, Kairyn must make it out of the Hunt alive if she ever hopes to make a change.