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The One and Only

Author: Holly Hobbie

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In the tenth book in Holly Hobbie's bestselling Toot & Puddle series, Toot and Puddle's beloved cousin Opal takes center stage. There's a brand new student named Bubbles in Opal's class, and Bubbles loves to do everything Opal does. She dresses like Opal, copies her Halloween costume, and even gets a gold star for making the exact same paper snowflake! Toot and Puddle assure Opal that Bubbles' copying is a compliment, but Opal isn't so sure. Suddenly everyone loves the new girl! But when Bubbles runs into trouble in dance class, Opal has to make a decision about whether or not to help her copycat. Thank goodness Toot and Puddle are always there to offer the best advice in this charming picture book story about friendship and helping others.