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Line markers Set of 2 Magnetic Bookmarks /Page Marker



We have run out of stock for this item.

A magnetic bookmark with a difference. Each bookmark has a cleverly positioned slit so when you have finished reading, it will retain the last line where you left off, whether it was on the left of the right hand side of the page. Because it is magnetic, it grips the page firmly so that it will not slip like other bookmarks, but does not leave any trace or mark once removed.

Why your customers will love it:

- Never lose your place on the page again: now you can pick up exactly where you left off with this novelty page holder each and every time. Each bookmark is magnetic so it saves your place and the page without any trace or mark on your book.

- Perfect for bookworms: works with books of all shapes and sizes from textbooks, paperbacks, hardcover novels to newspapers and magazines. The perfect novelty gift for everyone.

- Simple to use: this pair of magnetic bookmarks weigh less than an ounce each so you can take them with you anywhere.