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Used Book Trading Policies

Can I bring in books for store credit?

Yes! We accept books for store credit (this helps keep our inventory fresh.)

We also accept donations.15% of your book purchases goes straight to a pet rescue each month!

We are only accepting store credit deliveries Monday, Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday during normal business hours.

What kinds of books are you looking for?

We accept most everything. We are especially looking for fiction (contemporary and classic), children's books, teen books, Christian Fiction/Romance, science fiction or fantasy. 

We are not looking for Magazines, Books used for College classes (IE: Research 101, trade books, etc.) DVD's, VHS Tapes, etc.

Please keep in mind that we may not be able to take everything you bring in. This may be because of the format, condition, subject matter, presence or lack of a dust jacket, availability, and salability.


How many books can I bring in?

Due to time/resources, please limit them to two medium sized boxes. If you have more, please contact us to set up a time for you to come to the store!

Do I need to make an appointment?

Appointments are only neccessary if you have more than 2 medium sized boxes. 


Do you pay cash for books?

No, store credit only.


How does store credit work?

When you bring in books, we will look over everything and sort by what we want and not want. 

The amount of credit issued will depend on a number of factors: Format, Condition, Subject Matter, Lack of dust jacket, availability (how many copies we already have) and the salability.

Please keep in mind that excessive wear will always reduce the trade in value of a book. This can also happen with a "Like new" book, where the conditions above may cause the book to have little trade value.

You cannot use store credit on new books

  • Trade credit can be used to pay for one-half (1/2) the cost of your USED BOOK purchase, e.g. used book purchase is $24.00; you pay $12.00 in store credit, the other half (1/2) of the used book purchase price being paid in cash/Debit/Credit. This is necessary to maintain cash flow for store operation and survival.


I don't want store credit, will you take my books?

Yes! Donations are very much appreciated. 15% of your book purchases goes straight to a pet rescue each month.


We may refuse books for ANY REASON, including the book’s popularity, age, or condition, or if we are “overstocked” on the title.

Books we do not accept:  “Ex-Library” books, Hardcover books missing their dust-jacket, Readers Digest Condensed Books, College Textbooks, Magazines or Non-Fiction books over 10 years old in the fields of Business, Computers, Health, Science, or Travel.